Innovation Center

The Creativity and Innovation Center of the Hamedan University of Technology had found to foster creativity and promote innovation by using the capacities and facilities available in universities, research institutes, and science and technology parks and in line with the law of the 5-year economic, social, and cultural development programs of the Islamic Republic Iran and following the promulgation of executive regulations. These centers foster, consult, set goals, plan, and direct students' basic ideas to achieve a successful and productive business. For this purpose, in 2020 and in the presence of the Honorable Vice President of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, a cooperation memorandum was signed between the Hamedan University of Technology and Science and Technology Park of Hamedan Province to set up a center for the flourishing of creativity and innovation of Hamedan University of Technology.
In September 2019, this center had upgraded to the innovation center of Hamedan University of Technology, and its location was moved to the fifth floor of the central building of the university, and the stages of equipping and preparing to provide the best services to the teams that are members and active in this center.
The Hamedan University of Technology's Incubator Center is where vibrant and active technical teams and groups are set in various industrial and service industries and have access to public services, necessary tools and facilities, consulting services, and specialized assistance. With help from the Hamedan Science and Technology Park, the innovation center was built in 2014 as part of the strategy to develop and launch the incubator center. The mission of the Incubator Center started in 2022.

The audience of the incubator center consists of the following: 
•    Students and Graduates of Higher Education and Professional Technical Institutions
•    Faculty Members of Universities, Research, and Technology Centers
•    Organizations in the Economic, Industrial, Agricultural, Cultural, and Social Fields
The Missions and Objectives
The Objectives of Innovation Center:
  • Persuading and encouraging students to generate ideas
  • Helping to create entrepreneurial start-ups
  • Encouraging students to develop knowledge-based businesses
  • Education of entrepreneurial and creative students
  • Training students to enter the labor market
The incubator center is expected to have the following objectives:
  • Making policies and establishing priorities for team support;
    • developing the incubator center (location, equipment, and programmatic aspects);
    • planning for collaboration with organizations involved in the field of technology; 
  • Taking care of the business of technical units both seeking to be founded and those already there; 
    • Formulating policies and plans to draw in capable technological units and maintaining ongoing evaluation of those units

The objectives of the Incubator Center
  • Assisting in the recruitment of more trainees and recent graduates to the labor force and the creation of jobs
  • Development of competitive, small- and medium-sized technical and specialized industry units
  • Modernization, technological transfer, and use of recent scientific findings
  • Improving the potential workforce's efficiency and making toward additional objectives, such as regional economic development, economic diversification, and attracting investors.
  • Encourage students and staff to develop innovative and creative ideas that are useful to Society
  • Help students and staff members to convert innovative ideas into technology demonstrations
  • Patenting of ideas
  • Help students and staff participate in national and international competitions
  • Provide necessary guidance for Technology and Business Incubation
  • Seek funds for development of technology demonstrations and participate in competition from Industries and Business organisations

  • Holding business development seminars
  • Holding skill-based competitions
  • Adjudication of teams’ requests
  • Mentoring
  • Cansulting