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Hamedan Uinversity oF Technology


Regarded as a rapidly developing higher education center in western Iran, Hamedan University of Technology, HUT, initiated teaching and research programs in pursuit of a key goal: to develop an advanced section of the skilled workforce needed for growth and prosperity of our Islamic nation.  Our university was established in 2006 and began accepting undergraduate students majoring in electrical and computer engineering with the following emphases: control systems and computer Hardware
At present, HUT accepts undergraduate students in nine undergraduate engineering majors, namely electrical engineering (control systems and electronics emphases),  computer engineering (computer hardware and information technology emphases), robotic engineering, material science and engineering (extraction emphasis), chemical engineering, biomedical engineering (bioelectronics emphasis), and mining engineering (mine extraction emphasis). In addition, currently the university awards Master of Science degrees in four engineering majors with seven different emphases, specifically electrical engineering (control engineering emphasis), electrical engineering (power engineering emphasis), electrical engineering (electronics emphasis), material science and engineering (extraction emphasis), material science and engineering (material identification and selection emphasis) chemical engineering (process design emphasis), and mining engineering (mine extraction emphasis).
Based on the strategic policies set forth by the ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran elaborated in a twenty-year outlook, and the sacred goals of our Islamic state, our tireless efforts are aimed at achieving the strategic goals of our university, which include establishing and expanding undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of study required for our country's advancement as well as building and equipping advanced teaching and research laboratories.

University Prospects

As a national institution of higher education, Hamedan University of technology will maintain an applied approach towards education and research in order to address the scientific, industrial, and developmental requirements of the country with the highest priority assigned to the satisfaction of these needs in the western part of the country. The university will endeavor to train and develop capable and influential human resources while expanding and diversifying the sources of stable revenues at its disposal. The near-term goal pursued by the university is to achieve a position among the top ten Universities of technology in the national rankings.