Innovation Center
The Creativity and Innovation Center of the Hamedan University of Technology had found to foster creativity and promote innovation by using the capacities and facilities available in universities, research institutes, and science and technology parks and in line with the law of the 5-year economic, social, and cultural development programs of the Islamic Republic Iran and following the promulgation of executive regulations. These centers foster, consult, set goals, plan, and direct students' basic ideas to achieve a successful and productive business. For this purpose, in 2020 and in the presence of the Honorable Vice President of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, a cooperation memorandum was signed between the Hamedan University of Technology and Science and Technology Park of Hamedan Province to set up a center for the flourishing of creativity and innovation of Hamedan University of Technology.
In September 2019, this center had upgraded to the innovation center of Hamedan University of Technology, and its location was moved to the fifth floor of the central building of the university, and the stages of equipping and preparing to provide the best services to the teams that are members and active in this center.
Library Center
The Central Library of Hamedan University of Technology was established at the same time as the establishment of the university in 1385 with the aim of collecting scientific and educational resources and disseminating the information needed by students and professors, in order to strengthen the educational and research programs of the university. This library is located on the ground floor of the university building.
Facilities and services
The Central Library of Hamedan University of Technology meets the information needs of its users by providing printed and non-printed resources needed by university professors and students. These sources in the printed section include more than 12,500 volumes of Persian books and 2,700 volumes of Latin books. Also, the compact plates attached to the books in this section can be loaned to students.

In the section of non-print resources, access to reliable scientific databases to receive Latin texts, and access to articles of conferences and internal conferences has been provided through the Civilica database.
Industrial standards including standards (API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BSI, DIN, IEC, ISO, etc.) are among the other resources available in this section, which can be accessed through the web page of the central library (guide).
Among other non-print resources available to library users, electronic resources include Latin books and students' theses, which members can use through the digital library software.
Central Laboratory
Principal of Central Laboratory of the Hamedan University of Technology: Instrumentation and setting up central laboratories and creating an infrastructure for applied basic research is one of the strategic goals of Hamedan University of Technology. According to the report of the public relations office of the university, the central laboratory of Hamedan University of Technology has been set up in two levels A and B instruments since 2015. As an important center, this collection aims to meet the research needs of researchers not only at the university and provincial levels but also at the national level.
Dr. Yousefi Seyf added: The central laboratory of Hamedan University of Technology in 2015 in line with the realization of the strategic document of the university approved on April 04, 2016, with the aim of providing research services not only to faculty members, researchers and graduate students of the university but also to the researchers, industrialists, and institutions outside the university.