Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering in which the various fields are employed to develop hardware and produce software. Since its establishment, the Hamedan University of Technology, with a practical view based on the practical activities of the world, accepting students in the fields of computer engineering majoring in hardware. In the second step, by accepting a student in the field of information technology and software engineering and accepting students in the master's degree in artificial intelligence, completed the circle of computer engineering fields. Accepting students in the field of data engineering, cognitive science and robotics will be the next step for the Hamadan University of Technology in providing a suitable research environment for students.
The Department of Information Technology Engineering is one of the most up-to-date departments of the Hamedan University of Technology. Considering the ever-increasing influence of information technology in all aspects of human life and the industries’ and academic’s feeling
 of the urgent need for graduates in this field, this department operates with the aim of educating students and conducting extensive and up-to-date research in the booming and dynamic field of information and communication technology.
The software engineering department of Hamadan University of Technology is one of the leading departments of the university and by focusing on areas related to software engineering and interacting with departments such as information technology engineering and artificial intelligence, it has provided many fields of inter-group cooperation.
Artificial intelligence is one of the most important computer engineering departments in Hamedan University of Technology. In this group, hot topics of artificial intelligence, such as neural networks, deep learning, pattern recognition, machine vision, advanced data mining, evolutionary computing, multi-agent systems, etc., are extensively investigated in the education and research area.

Faculty Members

Dr.Hassan Bashiri
Assistant Professor
Dr.Zohreh Naghibi
Assistant Professor
Dr.Mahulqa Afrasiabi
Assistant Professor
Dr.Fatemeh Amiri
Assistant Professor
Mr.Mohsen Ahmadvand
Associate Professor
Dr.Majid Asadi
Assistant Professor